WFSBO Site Policy

Website For Sale By Owner’s (hereinafter "WFSBO") site policy is enforced to inhibit buyers and sellers from manipulating the marketplace for personal gain. While it's rare that this activity is attempted, we monitor the site for breaches of site policy and enforce the rules with sanctions up to and including suspension, revocation, or permanent deletion of users accounts in violation or suspected violation of the WFSBO Site Policy.

WFSBO does not tolerate any infractions to the Site Policy below. We reserve the right to waive notice of infraction(s) and implement sanctions with or without notice to the user. WFSBO listings, bids, or sales that violate, breach, or intentionally circumvent and of the below site policies may be changed, suspended, or deleted. Listing fees will be refunded as required by United States law, and/or WFSBO site administration sole discretion. Enforcement actions are in the sole discretion of WFSBO site administrators.

WFSBO Account Management Policy

  • Each user of the WFSBO site platform my have only one user account
  • All bids and offers for purchase must be genuine and not for the purpose of "shill bidding" to artificially increase the price or desirability of the listed item
  • Users may not attempt to circumvent the WFSBO online communication platform to buy and sell its listings directly to avoid the commissions due to WFSBO for providing notice of the item for sale on the platform.
  • The public and private comment feature may not be used to promote goods or services, or to defame or denigrate the listings of other users. Questions must be legitimate and inquisitive, comments must be factual and not construed to purposely negatively impact the sale or marketability of the item listed for sale or the seller of the item.

WFSBO Listing and Sale Policy

  • Users must possess the legal right, title, and ability to sell the domain, website, or application asset listed on WFSBO.
  • Items listed on WFSBO must be available for sale exclusively on WFSBO and cannot be listed elsewhere subject to prior sale and unavailability.
  • All users are responsible for complying with ownership, use, copyright, and trademark laws
  • All sites, domains, and applications listed on WFSBO must be in compliance with local, state, federal, and/or country specific laws.
  • User may not intentionally obscure information on the asset being offered for sale, including but not limited to; site metrics, site images, or site revenue, traffic, or metric image verifications.
  • Any representations made on the WFSBO listing must be supported with evidence, i.e., revenue and traffic representations must include screenshots or video walkthroughs of revenue summaries and/or traffic summaries.
  • Users may not duplicate the listings of other sellers. All information listed on WFSBO is copyrighted by WFSBO and the site owner respectively and may not be duplicated in a listing by another user.
  • Users may not bid on their own listings. WFSBO utilizes IP tracking and account footprint matching to inhibit shill bidding from users or their affiliated parties intending to manipulate the auction price.
  • All website sales must include all of the virtual assets required to run the website. These assets generally include all source code and files, the domain name, and any other related special virtual assets required to run the site. The assets generally do not include the hosting account on the server unless specifically stated in the individual listing.
  • The age of the website for sale is the date of first online publication of the subject website (not previous versions or themes). The age of a domain's first use is the age of the first use of the domain as verified by a public online source such as,, or similar accepted domain age authority.
  • WFSBO does not accept website or domains names with adult content, or blacklisted words, such as may be referenced at or similar blacklists solely in the discretion of WFSBO Administration.